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Diabetic Foot Specialist Doctor in Delhi, Dwarka

Diabetic Foot Problems treatment

Diabetic Foot Specialist Doctor in Delhi Dwarka Hospital

Old or uncontrolled Cases with diabetes have an increased risk of serious foot problems. Diabetes gives lots of affects on Body. The more prominent is the decreased blood flow of feet and legs which also leads to nerve damage, and in severe cases complete loss of feeling in feet and legs. Across the world , around 9% of the population above the age of 18 have diabetes. The most commonly affected population is low and middle income people.

Cause of Diabetic Foot Problem

The root cause of diabetic foot problems is uncontrolled blood sugar. Over time, high blood sugar damages your nerves and circulatory system, leading to diabetic neuropathy and other vascular complaints. These conditions, in turn, can lead to further feet and leg problems.

Diabetic foot wounds may lead to deeper infection, pus collections (abscesses), and bone infection. As normal sensation of feet is lost patients don’t realize that they have infection..Because of this Delay in taking treatment leads to in many cases to Amputation (partial foot, whole foot, or below-knee). This will be the discretion of your Physician to go for Amputation to prevent the infection to spread and become a life threatening.

Diabetic Foot specialist doctor in delhi

The problem in Blood flow or nerve damage may lead to :

  • If there is any sores , ulcers or by some means hurt your feet you might not notice
  • If your wounds on Feet not heal in the normal tendency or quickly or even in some cases may not heal at all.
  • The shape of yor foot and ankle changes or feets become weak
  • You are finding difficulty in your daily tasks like stand or talk hampering your lifestyle, work,etc.


Treatment for Diabetes Foot Problems

For patients with diabetes, it's necessary to treat injuries, small wounds etc. immediately once they get detected. In normal these wounds or injuries occurs at the base of feet. Diabetic foot treatment generally follows a line of Treatment :

  • Relieving pressure on the affected area
  • Cleansing the area thoroughly.
  • Removing dead skin cells, a process known as debriding
  • Applying medication
  • Dressing the wound


If wound is more critical or severe then specially designed footwear or braces or as per the required body part specially design supportive wearable used to relieve the pressure and increase the pain healing.

When Nonsurgical treatments becomes in effective or not producing desired results , then your doctor may consider Surgery Like :

  • Remove the dead tissue
  • Remove Toenail which is ingrown
  • Amputate the part or a full limb
  • Arterial By pass to peripheral vascular disease to maintain the normal blood flow
  • Endovascular Surgery to put a stent to open the blood vessel


Risk Factors for Diabetic Foot Problems

Apart from the disorder itself, risk factors for diabetic foot problems include:

  • Uncontrolled blood glucose
  • HPeripheral neuropathy
  • complications of diabetes in Kidney or Eyes
  • Overweight
  • Smoking
  • High alcohol consumption



  • Your doctor will ask for the signs and symptoms, Diabetes Control, Lifestyle
  • He will examine your Toe, feet, and legs physically and with the help of various tools for loss of sensation or numbness
  • If he finds any ulcers ,redness, swellings , discoloration or discharge he may further advice some test Like Xray, or MRI
  • Then on the basis of examination and tests reports he further suggest for Non-surgical ,or Surgical intervention



If you are Diabetic you have to take care of your Feet more than others.

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